“Using a constrain is liberating, because when we concentrate on the form, on the constraint, we are forced to abstract ourselves from everything else.”
– Etienne Lecroart, French Cartoonist
(The Wall Street Journal)

This is the story of a wandering wayfarer. An observer with a sanguine disposition, he embraces a multitude of societal levels. He does not conform to cultures, and feels free to mix it into the way he thinks and dresses. The silent solitariness that engulfs him draws and enchants the curious passersby.

The construction of the clothes is worked around the constraint of tailoring, producing a generally leaner silhouette with poetic layers. The palette is a mix of strong lines and buttery silhouette on the lean suits, usage of straps and the soft dropped crotch of dhoti. The application of rough textures of wool and hopsack is juxtaposed with the soft and shadowy bamboo jersey and chiffon.

If you lose your foothold, you might be spun off into the alternate dystopian world.