Inspired by a series of black-and-white photographs entitled “Portraits from the Belly of the Whale” by Michael Garlington, the collection delves into the life of the retired performer stuck in its own temporal plane. Innately sexless, layering worlds old and new, there is a sense of dreamy serenity that surrounds the retired performer. The collection explores the different permutations of a trouper, in all its carnivalesque and triviality.

Gingham in various shades of blue, green, red and orange paired with heavy silk-cotton weave in intense red and blue. Lean tailored trench-coats paired with heavy pleated drop crotch pants, slashed to reveal a burst of colourful gingham; wispy long cardigan layered under stiff tailored jackets; long shirts, draped tops, translucent gauze coats evokes part decadence, part androgyny. With outfits that straddled gender disparity, the retired performer celebrates its anomalies.